I’m Giovanni Biancofiore. I have always been fond of music, and I have studied and played several instruments over time, mainly the drums and percussions. Until a few months ago, though, ICT, networks, and eLearning have characterised my professional path.

Many years ago, I started a personal spiritual journey that has recently led me to the study of the interaction between sound frequencies and healing.

At the very beginning, as a lifelong learner, I thought that these studies were pure desire of knowledge, also because I was excited by my transfer to The Netherlands with my family, for a change of life. However, I would have understood their real purpose later. Indeed, a painful personal experience in the summer 2016 turned out to be, little by little, a great chance of spiritual growth for me which made me reflect a lot. Since then, compassion and gratitude have deeply changed and enriched my life.

For this reason, I decided to reconnect to my talents and make them available to others, take the best from my background, and start Lovefrequencies, an amazing, blissful project.