Into my water

All my music is a continuous inner journey for me. While my two previous CDs have distinct traces, I have structured my new work in a single track, in order to get as close as possible to my “soul flow” in this moment of my life.

When I play my music, I’m not in my studio, I’m not on the planet Earth….I don’t know where I am. This CD is for me a 60 minutes in a nowhere place. 60 minutes in a liquid ambient like a warm and deep crystal clear ocean, where my consciousness expands and everything is quiet.
Into my water is my personal ocean of plentitude. An incredible, joyful, blissful, dreamy, and ecstatic journey. Listen to it when you want to relieve your mind, when you want to close the rest of the world outside, when you want 60 minutes of gorgeous nothing and no one.

Take it easy, wear your headphones, hold the hand of your “little one” self, and start the journey.

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