Nature and healing music: reconnecting to Mother Earth – The Hague, Netherlands


Nature and healing music: reconnecting to Mother Earth
The Hague, Netherlands
Experiential week, with Giovanni Biancofiore and Sabrina Leone


The following options are available:
a. from Friday 28 July to Friday 4 August 2017;
b. from Friday 4 August to Friday 11 August 2017;
c. from Friday 11 August to Friday 18 August 2017.

Why participating?
Modern science has begun to recognize what ancient mystics and wise men have told us for centuries: everything is in a constant state of vibration. The most elemental state of vibration is that of sound, and everything has an optimum range of vibration (frequency), which is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance.
Certain frequencies interact with our body, through our spirit, rebalance it, and heal it. Thus, music has a crucial role in the healing process of our energetic blocks, in keeping us in touch with our heart and our interior light, and in being in harmony with the Universe.
In the experiential week Nature and healing music: reconnecting to Mother Earth, the combination of ocean, shamanic, and harmonic drums produces a harmonious and engaging flow of sound. The relaxation and focalisation techniques that precede healing music sessions are based on meditation of the 4 elements and mantras.
The resulting sounds allow to liberate the creativity that is directly connected to our deep being. They can produce different sensations in each person, and act as a kind of sound therapy. They offer a unique, extremely captivating sound experience to the receiver.
These sounds resonate inside our body, release emotional blockages, and expand our consciousness. Indeed, they allow us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, divine intelligence, and our soul. They create unity, instead of separation. They expand our hearts, and make us more compassionate and loving. As a result of law of attraction, positive emotions of a certain frequency attract positive events in our lives: a person who resonates with love has inner peace, and this is the starting point for a world where we live in unity, peace, and harmony with each other and Mother Earth.
Through this experiential week, you’ll have the chance to connect to your own vibration and keep your creative and evolutionary potential high. You’ll be able to develop your capability to harmonise your divine being with your everyday life thanks to meditation, sound, and relaxing excursions on foot and by bike, in the wonderful natural setting of The Hague, with its urban quiet, its cycle paths, its parks, its dunes, its sea, and its many inspiring landscapes.

For who
• For nature, cycling, culture, and travelling enthusiasts;
• For people who need to relax;
• For those who want to explore or study further spiritual themes;
• For those who want to get in touch with their spiritual being     through sound frequencies;
• For people who want to reconnect to the energy of Mother Earth and the Universe.

The general daily schedule will be:
• h8-9: muscular awakening, meditation, and mantra singing;
• h9.30-10.30: breakfast;
• h11-13.30: visits and excursions;
• h13.30-14.30: packet lunch;
• h14.30-17: visits and excursions;
• h17-18: healing music;
• h19: dinner.

Planned visits and excursions
•The Hague and its canals;
•Parks: Meijendel, Haagse bos, Scheveningen bos, and Clingendael;
•Beaches: Scheveningen and Malieveld;
•Museums: Beelden aan Zee, Escher in het Paleis, and Mauritshuis;
•Places of interest: the Peace Palace, Noordeinde Palace, and Binnenhof.

Hampshire Hotel – Babylon Den Haag, in double room (single rooms are available on request with additional cost).
This four stars and quiet hotel has an amazing view over the city and on Koekamp and Haagse Bos parks. It is right next to The Hague’s central station and within walking distance from the centre and the major places of interest. Please find further information at the link

Reservation and further information
1. The number of participants is limited to 14. Please download the schedule and the contract of registration

2. The price per person is €1500 and includes:
a. accommodation in double room (7 nights);
b. all the meals (mainly vegetarian food);
c. bike rental for the whole week;
d. planned visits and excursions (including admission fees to the three museums);
e. return train ticket from Amsterdam airport.

The price per person does not include:
a.the journey from/to the country or city of origin to/from Amsterdam;
b. drinks;
c. travel insurance and cover for injury during all the activities;
d. anything which is not listed in “the price per person includes”.

3. The registration to the experiential week has to be completed by:
a. 15 July 2017 for option a (from Friday 28 July to Friday 4 August 2017);
b. 22 July 2017 for option b (from Friday 4 August to Friday 11 August 2017);
c. 29 July 2017 for option c (from Friday 11 August to Friday 18 August 2017).

4. Upon registration, please pay a deposit of 50% of the price (€750) by bank transfer to:
ABN AMRO, in the name of Biancofiore-Leone, reason: Experiential week 2017, option (please indicate your choice among a, b, c). IBAN: NL 74 ABNA 0552972657 – BIC: ABNANL2A

5. Please send the contract of registration and the receipt of the bank transfer by email to [email protected]

6. In case of cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded, but you might wish to introduce other participants who can replace you.

7. Please pay the balance by bank transfer by:
a. 25 July 2017 for option a (from Friday 28 July to Friday 4 August 2017);
b. 1 August 2017 for option b (from Friday 4 August to Friday 11 August 2017);
c. 8 August 2017 for option c (from Friday 11 August to Friday 18 August 2017).

Please send the receipt of the bank transfer by email to [email protected]

8. The activities will be carried out in Italian and in English.

9. The experiential week will start at h17 of Friday (28 July, 4 August, 11 August) and will end with the morning meditation session of the next Friday (4 August, 11 August, 18 August). Please check out by h12.

10. The experiential week and the activities within do not replace any kind of medical treatment, but rather they support personal growth only.

How to reach us
The Hague is at about 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol). The railway station is in the airport area and trains to Den Haag Centraal leave every 10 minutes. The return train ticket from Amsterdam airport to Den Haag Centraal is included in the price of the experiential week.
If you fly with Ryanair (, the closest airport is Eindhoven, which is at about 1 hour and 15 minutes from The Hague. At the exit of Eindhoven airport, you can find the bus stop for the shuttle n.400 or the bus n.401, which take to the railway station; direct intercity trains to The Hague (Den Haag Centraal) leave every 15 minutes. The ticket for the shuttle (€3.50) has to be bought at the automatic machine, in front of the bus stop; the ticket for the bus, instead, can be bought aboard. As an alternative, you can take a taxi (about €20-25).
You can easily check Dutch trains timetable at the link
In the Netherlands trains and buses have wifi.

What to bring
•Very comfortable and informal clothing (please don’t forget a jumper and a rain jacket);
• light trekking or sport shoes for excursions on foot and by bike;
• a pashmina shawl or a light plaid in pile (in order to be warm and comfortable during meditation and relaxation in the sessions of healing music outdoor);
• a small inflatable cushion;
• all the necessary to take notes, if you feel like.

Our background
Giovanni Biancofiore, healing musician and sound explorer
Giovanni has always been fond of music, and he has studied and played several instruments over time, mainly the drums and percussions. Until a few months ago, though, ICT, networks, and eLearning had characterised his professional path; indeed, he is a Microsoft Certified System Administrator and a learning technologist, specialised in eLearning platforms.
Many years ago, he started a personal spiritual journey that has recently led him to the study of the interaction between sound frequencies and healing by melding synthesisers to acoustic instruments. Thus, he has approached sound design.
At the very beginning, as a lifelong learner, he thought that these studies were pure desire of knowledge, also because he was excited by his transfer to The Netherlands with his family, for a change of life. However, he would have understood their real purpose later. Indeed, a painful personal experience in the summer 2016 turned out to be, little by little, a great chance of spiritual growth for him that made him reflect a lot. Since then, compassion and gratitude have deeply changed and enriched his life.
For this reason, he decided to reconnect to his talents and make them available to others, take the best from his background, and start Lovefrequencies (, an amazing, blissful project.
He has just released his first CD The light of sounds, which is completed by videos that he created following the flow, and he is now working at his fourth CD. He has practised meditation and mantra singing daily for years.

Sabrina Leone, researcher and learning innovation specialist
Sabrina is a passionate lifelong learner and researcher. Along her versatile career she has been strongly engaged in change, innovation, and learning. She has always believed in each individuals’ powerful potential to contribute to common well-being, and so in the need to facilitate self-awareness, empowerment, and joy. For this reason, one of her very first achievements has been being able to inject her positive energy into others. Over time, she has been acknowledged as a leader and able to inspire people with whom she collaborates.
In the 1980s, she began her spiritual path with the study of Oriental philosophy, meditation and yoga, becoming a certified trainer.
She adheres to Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. She has attended courses on sensitivity and mediumship with Krisztina Nemeth and Gordon Smith, on regressive hypnosis with Brian Weiss, on channeling and angeology with Doreen Virtue. She consistently trains with the group of non-physical intelligences “Abraham Hicks”. She has been involved in the study of tarology for years. Recently, she has begun to deepen the song of the soul as a means of melting soul blocks.
She received a Master degree in English and French Language and Literature, a Master Degree in Business Management, a Degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation, and a PhD in eLearning. She has authored and co-authored numerous scientific publications and has worked in multicultural environments.
Her research fields are lifelong learning, eLearning, technology-enhanced learning, open learning-research-education, learning organisations, change management, personalized learning, Social Semantic Web, language learning.
Lately, she has started a broad project about open learning and Indigo children, which successfully combines her background as a formal researcher with that of researcher of the spiritual science.

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