LovefrequenciesLovefrequencies aims at helping people of all ages to rebalance their mind, spirit, and body exploiting the healing power of sound frequencies.

Everything is frequency. We are frequency, our name, our voice is frequency. Music is frequency. Numerous academic studies have shown that certain frequencies interact with our body, through our spirit, rebalance it, and heal it.

Thus, music has a crucial role in the healing process of our energetic blocks, in keeping us in touch with our heart and our interior light, and in being in harmony with the Universe.

Why participating?
You’ll have the chance to connect to your own vibration and keep your creative and evolutionary potential high.
I’m focused on sound production at specific frequencies, among which 432 Hz.

Some of the instruments I use are harmonic drum, frames drum,  percussions, analogue synthesizers, pedal effects and real-time effects processor/sampler. The relaxation and focalisation techniques that precede individual and group sessions are based on meditation and mantras.

You can contribute to and support Lovefrequencies by buying my songs.